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At Inside Infotech we have carefully chosen reputed IT companies as our brand partners. Fully dedicated to offering our clients the latest in technology and the best possible value for their investments and needs.

Document Management, Kofax Data Capture - MicroGenesis TechSoft Pvt Ltd (An Advanced Level IBM Business Partner)



MicroGenesis ( is a Bangalore based company started in 1997, committed to providing an optimum solution for Document Capture and Document Management that can help organization improve the productivity and profitability.

DStore An innovative web based Document Regulation Software with a central repository developed by MicroGenesis. It is built on J2EE standards for a robust, scalable foundation using IBM & Kofax technology.

DStore enables you to cost effectively

  • Manage securely all your information in electronic form
  • Provide for the digitization of paper documents with Kofax software
  • Workflow of documents
  • Import of electronic documents of any format
  • Securely access and workflow documents with a standard browser.

The Benefits

  • Saves on storage space
  • Faster searching and retrieval of documents
  • Access from anywhere, anytime under secure login
  • Reduced risk of data loss


KOFAX provides leading edge Document Capture Software that enables you to bring information together which can be later accessed easily and also integrated to your back end systems. This helps you automate and speed up your business process drastically. To know more or consultation click here


Google Apps -



Pi2 Square is the leading Software-as-a-Service ("SaaS") solutions provider. Our solution suite ensures that Pi2 Square's clientele have unparalleled access to on-demand services that will protect, manage and improve service and compliance, while simultaneously reducing the risk and increasing the productivity across key sectors.

The solutions include: Email, Web & IM Protection; Business Continuity solutions, Email Compliance (Archiving & Logging & Encryption); Email Branding , CRM, HRMS, Recruit, Hosting, Domain Registration & Collaboration Solutions.To know more or consultation click here


CMS Websites -



Web Bazaar is a 5 year old Bangalore based company working with small and mid sized businesses. Web Bazaar has successfully completed more than 1500 Content Management System based websites.

For most companies having a professional website is an extension of their corporate image and not for revenue generation, since their core business activity needs mostly checking emails, browsing internet etc.Thus a simple, easy to manage with full control CMS - Content Management System for website contents, images etc. is the solution.

A CMS - Content Management System - allows a website owner to make changes and updates to the site through a web browser like firefox or Internet Explorer. A task like updating a business address takes hardly 5 minutes to accomplish and the whole world can see the update immediately. To know more or consultation click here


Email, SMS & Contact Management Software -



BitFaster is an award winning Marketing software. Use it as a simple Contact Management Software or as an Email Marketing workhorse. Either way, it's designed to help you grow your business. Whether you are a small business owner or an enterprise organization, BitFaster can help you achieve your goals with minimal effort and investment. It's got everything you need to create, target, send, track and analyze your Campaigns.To know more or consultation click here

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